Pezzo Pizza Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary with Fans by Launching 1-Dollar

Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday that Pezzo Pizza opened its first root in Cambodia, then the second branch, and right now they are already celebrating their one-year anniversary!

Pezzo Pizza

Before we describe this wonderful event, let us brief a slight introduction to Pezzo Pizza Cambodia. Pezzo Pizza Cambodia is the first (and probably the only one) that sells slice pizzas. Instead of ordering a one-round pizza, customers can order them in as many slices as you want at Pezzo.

Pezzo Pizza

This pizza place has gained quite a popularity that led to the opening of the second branch thanks to their unique serving style, and seasonal flavors attracting more and more fans.

Pezzo Pizza

Now back to their 1 year anniversary celebration! To commemorate such special occasion, Pezzo Pizza Cambodia is giving out 1-dollar purchase on their promotional items including Cheesy Cheese, Nacho Sausages (6pcs) or 2 cups of Pepsi. Yep that’s right. Only 1$ and you can enjoy their awesome tasty treats!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Pezzo Pizza!

However, take note that the promotion is valid at 2 outlets at different periods:

  • Pezzo Pizza Aeon Mall: 17th to 23th June
  • Pezzo Pizza Toul Kok: 24th to 28th June

Pezzo Pizza

Don’t forget to come by making 1-year memory and enjoy 1-dollar deals!

Opening Hours: 9AM – 10PM

Contact: 023222115